London memories

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Our lives have changed dramatically since an infectious virus swept through Europe in the beginning of this year. We’ve learned to appreciate the things we used to take for granted. It’s the little things that matter the most, such as spending time with your classmates. We can only see each other through a computer screen now, so we value the times we had spent together before the virus changed our everyday routines. If we could turn back time, we would love to visit London again. It’s not safe to travel anymore, so the only thing we have left is the memories of the unforgettable moments we had spent.

Days seemed longer as our trip to London was getting closer. Everyone from 1.CA and 1.DA was excited to finally have the opportunity to live with the Londoners, even for such a little time as four days. Our trip, starting on 11 April, was one of the most amazing trips in our lifetimes. It was truly breath-taking being able to see all the sights, we had been taught about at school since September, in person. On Thursday, the day of our arrival, we were completely in awe and our mouths were agape as soon as we got off the plane. We were ready to explore the capital of the UK, not feeling even a little jet-lagged. We absolutely loved spending our free-time in Trafalgar square doing energizer, talking to the natives. On the second day of our trip, we were able to see everything London could offer us from 135m above the ground, from the well-known London Eye. Of course, we couldn´t miss on the must-see sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham palace, Piccadilly circus, Downing street etc. The third day of our trip was targeted at the City of London, the oldest part of London. Being able to see the Tower of London where the wives of Henry VIII were beheaded, is something we definitely will not forget. We spent the last day of our trip shopping and exploring Croydon, a town in London where the hotel we stayed at was located. Special thanks to the teachers who were willing to accompany us on this trip.

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